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Jenny is a 70 year old Australian woman who has been an Outlander fan for about two years after a friend recommended the show to her. She got off to a slow start but soon became obsessed with the story of Jamie and Claire.

Here is her story.

Jenny with her daughter
Like Claire, Jenny is a mother and grandmother

Jenny is a retired nursing home worker and she now works as a volunteer in her local Hospital. She loves her volunteer work more than she did her paid work. This current COVID_19 virus situation has halted some of her work, but much of it still goes on. After all, even amid the lockdown, babies are still being born and people still need to go to emergency. Like Claire Beauchamp Randall Fraser Jenny is there at the front lines of health care.

Maybe Jenny’s hospital work isn’t quite as dramatic as Claire’s?

Not only is she a front line worker, but she has had her own experience with health crises. Jenny is a breast cancer survivor of 20 years.

We hope Jenny had wonderful doctors like Dr Randall, when she was going through a health crisis

Jenny was introduced to Outlander by a friend about 2 years ago. At first she only watched up to Episode 2 as life got in the way.  She somehow got caught up on other things for a time.

(Editors note – can’t believe Jenny only got to this point – Castle Leoch – in her first Outlander stint! Ha! Those scenes with Jamie and Claire – who could not want to know what happens next? But, never fear, she made up for lost time.)

But then, Jenny got back to it. She returned to the show and became totally immersed in the story.  She loves the the series so much that she has rewatched over 26 times and never gets tired of it. (That’s quite a lot of times!)

The evolving relationship between Jamie and Claire in Season 1 was certainly captivating.

The rest is history. Jenny became involved in the Outlander fan world in other ways. She is active in 5 Outlander fan groups. And she has lots of Outlander paraphernalia – her Outlander calendar (to see her favourite characters every day), Outlander mug (always time for a coffee) and soooo many photos of the show on her iPad. Her Outlander buddy gave her Book 1 for Christmas so now she’s a reader as well as a watcher.

Jenny’s Outlander collection

Finally Jenny says ‘So I read, I watch and I tell everyone about Outlander and what a wonderful story it is.

I know that I am obsessed with Jamie and Claire’s story, because I wish I had someone who loved me as much as Jamie loves Claire’.

Andrée Poppleton

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