Outlander Fan Tales – Don

Don’s Outlander fan story is one of emotional upheaval and life changes.

Don has Asperger’s Syndrome and had been on medication to lower his anxiety.  The aim of the medication was to stop him from ‘getting upset’.  He was under a lot of stress running a business with his wife, and for 20 or so years he literally felt ‘numb’. Even when his mother died he did not feel or express strong emotions.

Then Outlander came along.

During ‘A Malcolm’ in Season 3 he experienced a catharsis that ‘broke everything open’. Many of us also felt strong emotions for these long awaited scenes where Jamie and Claire were reunited after 20 years.

But for Don, the experience was life-changing.
Claire going back in time to find her love.  Their reunion scenes in the privacy of Jamie’s room.  The emotional scene when the estranged lovers ask each other ‘Why did you come back?’ and , ‘Do you want me to leave?’ left Don in an intense emotional state. He was so emotional, and this was so unusual, that Don’s wife thought he was having a stroke.

He re-watched  that show for a week straight, each time weeping uncontrollably. He had not experienced any strong feelings for years.

Don then made a big decision about his own health care. He decided he was missing something. He gradually reduced the medications he was taking until he was finally ready to stop them all together. He felt like ‘Data’ in Star Trek when he got his emotion chip.

He felt alive again. And he was even inspired to make some movies of his own.

So, Outlander literally changed his life.

Many say that Outlander, the books and/or the show has been life-changing for them. Do you share this kind of experience? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Andrée Poppleton


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