Outlander Fan Tales – Cynthia

Cynthia’s Outlander tale is one of loss, grief, faith, and learning.

When her mother died in 2014, Cynthia and her brother were mourning her loss.

Cynthia decided that she wanted to turn her loss and grief into some kind of positive action. She decided to learn a language to follow in the footsteps of her late father. He could speak thirteen languages. The family is from Argentina and has always loved languages.

Unfortunately, her first attempt was not successful. It was too soon after her mothers death and she found she was unable to concentrate so she stopped trying.

Then later that year in August 2014 she watched Outlander and loved it. Cynthia saw and listened to Sam Heughan speaking Gaelic and was so moved she said to herself, ‘this is it’.

She felt she was being given a spiritual message. At first she did it on her own and learned with programs online, then in 2018 she got a tutor. She now has a tutor who learned the language in Scotland.

She loved the learning and it was great. And she felt very thankful for the influence of Outlander and Sam Heughan to help her move in this direction. Cynthia met Sam Heughan in person last year, and thanked him for inspiring her to learn Gaelic. He was impressed with her efforts and that meant a lot to her.

There was also another very important personal experience that influenced and touched her deeply. The important moment was in Season 3, Episode 10 ‘Heaven and Earth’ when Claire says farewell to Elias Pound. This scene had a profound effect on Cynthia and she felt she was finally able to say farewell to her own mother, she spoke the farewell in Spanish.   Last year Cynthia met Caitriona Balfe in person and told her this story. She was moved to hear about it.

Many people have reported having very moving personal experiences through watching and reading Outlander. Has this happened to you?

Andrée Poppleton

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