Outlander Behind-the-Scenes: A Day at the Beach Outlander style

Only in Outlander could a day at the beach be so challenging. Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at a day at the beach Outlander style.

Beach days are supposed to be fun days, right? Soaking up the sun, splashing about in warm water, not a monstrous villain in sight. But ….. this is Outlander. And Executive Producer Matt Roberts did issue a fair warning ahead of time on Instagram!

follow the link here to outlandercast.com to read the post.

Andrée Poppleton


  1. Andree, what an adventure, solo travel and moving to Glasgow. I admire the bravery in taking this big step. What did you do in your year in Glasgow? Were you able to see more filming Of the Outlander? Meet any of the stars?

    1. Hi Patricia, thanks for your comment. Yes, I did lots of Outlander-related stuff while living in Glasgow. If you look at the menu items ‘Outlander Travel’ and ‘Making Outlander’ there are lots of posts about my adventures. It seems so long ago now. I hope to go back to Scotland one day but, you know, the virus!

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