Contagion in Outlander: What did Claire Fraser Do?

The global Covid-19 pandemic brings to mind other health emergencies, real or fictional. We take a look at contagion in Outlander and how Claire Fraser handled it.

We are living through difficult times. Everyone is affected, and it is tempting to say we are “all in the same boat,” but as time goes by we can see that this is not the case. There is a great difference between the effects of the COVID-19 virus across communities, social groups and countries. It’s a complex picture in a complex world. And it got me thinking about the parallels with the contagious diseases that Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) has faced in Outlander. We are finding that politics, personal values and beliefs are all part of the picture with a public health emergency. Was it any different in Claire’s time?

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Andrée Poppleton

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